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Diseases Surveillance System (DSS)  

The Diseases Surveillance System (DSS) is a nationwide collaboration that enables all levels of public health—local, state, territorial, federal, and international—to share notifiable disease-related health information. Public health uses this information to monitor, control, and prevent the occurrence and spread of state-re portable and nationally notifiable infectious and noninfectious diseases and conditions.

DSS is a multifaceted program that includes the surveillance system for collection, analysis, and sharing of health data. It also includes policies, laws, electronic messaging standards, people, partners, information systems, processes, and resources at the local, state, territorial, and national levels.

Punjab Information Technology board took initiatives to consolidate information of masses for meaningful usage and informed decision making.

To keep the historical data in an organized manner , IB DHQ Hospital is manned with dedicated data entry operators, who are responsible to report cases as per the predefined templates. Each data entry operator is equipped with PC and internet dongle or any other means of internet connectivity. The data entry interface is exposed to government hospitals via secured usernames and passwords.